Merc – Game Models

Here are a few possible game models. These are game scenarios that will be posted as part of the game environment description contained within the booking calendar. These are examples, there may be variations or additional scenarios.

  • Guard-A-Mech – each or one team will have a non piloted mech to guard. The win is based upon how many deaths the non-piloted mech receives. Many times there will 3 matches. The winner wins 2 or more out of the 3 matches. The non-piloted (non human) mech often will be specified.
  • HIghest Points – Which ever pilots receives the highest points wins – no restrictions
  • Callout Winning Pilot – You name the pilot that will have the highest points – there may be restrictions


  • Highest Points Less Deaths – Having the highest points and lowest deaths
  • Highest Points with death limits – if the death limit exceeds X, then the pilot is booted out of the game. The pilot’s points are still counted. Variation: If death exceeds X, then boot pilot out of the game and do not add that pilot’s points.