Downloads merc maps and game

Downloads For MechWarriors-Merc:

Download Mechwarriors game and resources

Download Merwarriors Maps

The map type is shown for each scheduled game play. There may be a map that might not have been included in the initial download package. To check if you have this map:

  1. Start MechWarriors and select Host
  2. Select team battle
  3. Then check out the maps from the drop down map list

If you do not have the map, click on the download link below and select that map. You then will save it into your download/MW_map folder. You may create the name of your own download folder. Will show you how to install.

download maps:

The initial install does not include many maps, if so the download process would be much longer. Here is how you install after you have downloaded the map file or files.

  1. Download to a download folder
  2. Click on the exe file for that map
  3. Install the map into your game root folder, example: C:gamesmektek If mektet is the base folder for Mek-tek game map, then you would install it into that folder.