On a per game basis:

Each game has its own rules and conditions. By reserving a seat, you are agreeing that you fully understand the rules set forth for that particular game play.

In addition to the game rules, there is the Code-of-Conduct. You are obligated to adhere to those rules. This is all to provide the best experience for all. If there are any questions regarding these procedures, please contact us using the forum or contact link. Gamefame Global management assumes all personnel and pilots to be professions in their demeanor.

Gifts, Ratings and Prizes:

Awards such as: ratings, gifts and prizes are specified within each game schedule. The objective of awards is to simulate good conduct and all around team performance.

Rules and Requirements:

The following Rules and Requirements are to insure a fair and enjoyable game plays for all who participate. Each guild must provide: pilot’s In-game Name, GUID (guild user ID) and Tracker ID number. Please post your guild’s information in the Guild Member Signup Section of our forums. Team Captains and Team Members are encouraged to sign-up in our forums. When signing up to the forums please use your pilot name with your signature tag as your guild name, see example.

Ban Status:

Ban is when you are removed from participating in all activities

1 Banned account=older than 6 months – No Ban

1 Banned account within 6 months – 6 Month Ban from the time of detection

2 Bans linked to account within 12months – Permanent Ban

2 Bans linked over 12months – To be discussed by Game play Leadership

Gamefame Global recognizes all bans and linked banned accounts reported by all anti-cheat organizations and streams their ban lists to all or servers.

All Guild and Player Bans are open for Review!! To request a review send a request by our contact form, entitle the title “Ban Reviews.”

It is recommended that game play check their Team Members before submitting a Team Roster for Background Checks. If a Guild Submits a team roster for Background Checks and 3 Submitted team players are found ineligible to play or are banned from the game activities using the above rules, the guild as a whole will be banned from the games.

Game Play Rules:

Game Plays and Game Play Basics:

  1. Have fun and enjoy yourselves!
  2. The first guilds registered for a game play have priority for that game play. All other guilds who register are on a first-come first-served basis as room permits.
  3. Guild Leaders are required to register their Guild no later than 8 hours prior to a Game play. Individual Guild members are not required to register. Guilds not registered prior to a Game play are entered only if room permit.
  4. Guilds who are registered must Check in no later than 30 minutes prior to the Game play. Guilds that have not Checked in 30 minutes prior may be replaced by another Guild. Check game play schedule.
  5. Each Team must have a Team Captain. Guilds members must notify the game play host upon entering TeamSpeak and give the team captain pilot’s name. Team captains are responsible for the members that he controls. Game-play hosts will communicate any instructions or problems with any of the guild members with the captains only. Game-play monitors may communicate directly with a guild member while on the field. It is the captain’s responsibility to communicate all instructions to his or her team prior to the start of the game play.
  6. All Members of a Guild must be listed in AAO Tracker as a member for not less than 7 days, with Tags. All Players participating in the game plays must have their AAO Taker Account Public at all Times. This will be verified by a Game play Host. Players who are not listed will cause the Guild to be removed from the Game play. Before Trophies are posted this will be check. Guilds violating this rule will be removed and all other Guilds will move up in the ranks. All teams players are checked for Bans and Tracker information. Please respect by keeping our Game plays fair to all who participate.
  7. TeamSpeak: All players MUST be in Gamefame Global MW Merc channel of TeamSpeak to participate in the game play. Check game schedule for channel address. Please wear your Guild tags (icons) into TeamSpeak so we can place you in the appropriate channel. You must block whispers during the matches. No secondary Communications programs running during game plays.
  8. Guilds must be in Gamefame Globol MW Merc TeamSpeak channel 30 minutes prior to starting time for directions, house rules, etc. Guilds not in TeamSpeak may be replaced by another Guild. This rule may be overwritten by the game play schedule. Check game schedule.
  9. Each team must choose 1 team captain. The captains must notify the Game play Host (find in game schedule) as soon a possible upon entering TeamSpeak. The Captain will be given Registration Rights in Gamefame Global MW Merc TeamSpeak channel. This will allow the captain to report any issues that may arise. The Captain will then post their Guilds tracker ID to the game play host.
  10. Those who have exceeded deaths limits may not talk in TeamSpeak. All players WILL leave the radio channel immediately upon their death. This will be monitored by the game play hosts. Any player found talking after his/her death will be ruled as Ghosting. The penalties for ghosting may include disqualification from the Game play.
  11. While you may be allowed to have extra players in TeamSpeak, please ask your Guild Mates to refrain from repeatedly entering and leaving. The constant cycling of “Member Joined” messages detracts from the game.
  12. All reserve players must be in TeamSpeak prior to Playing. The Game play will not be placed on hold awaiting a player to enter TeamSpeak. If a player enters TeamSpeak after the game play has begun, they must provide their personal Tracker id to a GOL or GOA before entering their Guild channel. Late pilots may receive penalties, check game schedule.

    The Specifics of Play:

  13. Your team has 5 minutes to enter the server upon server assignments. A player being kicked for any reason may re-enter the server as many times as possible during the 5 minutes. Kicked does not constitute bad behavior it may be a malfunction. Close the game, clean your Windows registry, then return back. After the 5 minutes the player can only try entering the server once. If a player has a critical error at the start of play the round will be discarded. If a player critical after a death that player can reenter the server before the next round starts. If the player has a critical error for a second round after the first round this player may try to reenter the server but game play must continue. After that the round must continued and this player can be replace during the game.